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Love is not love
sex is not sex
Relationships can be
far too complex

Welcome to my site.  For my visitors of the past, I guess you have noticed it's changed.  My new focus is on health, safety, pleasure, well being, relationships, teen talk (talking to your teen, how to get non-sexual needs met without the pressure of having sex, how to overcome the anxiety of using adult toys and other topics.  Adult toys are a way to reduce risk of disease, fulfill needs and desires, as well as a great alternative to having an extra marital affair.  

Sex toys allow you to experience sex without another person, sex with a partner that may not be able to perform in a way that would be fully satisfying and/or sex in an unique way.  Sex with an uncommitted partner increases your chances of disease, violence, heartbreak and limitation of personal freedom.  Some partners can be loving, supportive and faithful, however until you meet that person you can still have sex without taking any risk.  Sex toys can save a relationship, allowing a partner to be involved when there may be some physical barriers.  Sex toys can also enhance the experience and pleasures using imagination and different forms of stimulation.  

What if your first sexual experience as a mature teenager or adult was with only you?  What would you learn?  Would it be enjoyable?  What if you could enjoy it without the worries of pregnancy or disease?  Is there really anything wrong with having an intimate relationship where your only concern was on pleasure?  Do you find your sex life humdrum?  Is the excitement gone?  

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