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Disease Free

Sexually transmitted infections (disease) are on the rise.  To date there is over approximately 25 different sexually transmitted diseases and millions of people are infected. There are many risk to getting a disease. Some  diseases can be transferred to unborn children, future children, some are untreatable and some can be passed to breastfeeding babies.  Having sex with any partner holds the risk of a sexually transmitted disease and the risk of becoming infected increases when having sex with an uncommitted  partner. 

Want to scare yourself?  Google genital warts and click on images.  Scroll down and look at all the pictures.  It scared me.  Just think, some people carry the virus and don't have any visible indications.  When you have sex with a partner you are at risk because you do not know if they are infected.  Don't be another statistic.

Would you prefer a hands-free toy that gives you sexual pleasure?  I admit hands-free sex toys can be a wee bit pricey, however an investment for your own well being and you can  fully enjoy it without much effort.  There are a variety of machines for both men and woman.  Click the link below and explore the many varieties available. 
Sex machines that will drive you wild.
Here is a universal sex machine and there is a vaginal attachment for males.

Never share your sex toys with other people.  Always wash your toy before you put it away.  Your toy is safe as long as you don't share it and you keep it clean. 

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