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Self Gratification

Having the big "O" is hard enough with a partner and having it on your own may take time.  Many variables including how we were raised  can interfere with climatic and orgasmic achievements.  What are we are taught about sexual pleasuring can produce a stigma which will affect our abilities to gratify ourselves, although we have the ability to overcome this hurdle.  With time and an open mind you can give yourself a very gratifying and explosive orgasm.  Below I have listed some solutions to overcoming barriers so that you can obtain self sexual gratification. 

Mental Preparation

You need to mentally accept that people are sexual creatures, we were designed to give, obtain and feel pleasure.  Pleasure that doesn't harm others and feels good, is good.  Your body is your own.  There is nothing dirty about touching your pleasure spots.  

Physical Preparation

Once your mind is willing to accept self pleasuring you need to be comfortable with your own touch.  It is your hand, you have full control of it.  You can do what you please and what feels good.  Your first touch can begin anywhere you please, whether it be your neck, your arm, your leg or where ever.  Touch yourself softly, gently and concentrate on how it feels.  Move very slowly over your body and just enjoy the touch.  Close your eyes and feel the warm, soft touch on your skin.  Only go as far as you are comfortable with.  Each and every time you perform this exercise go a little further with your touch.  When you are finally comfortable introduce a toy.  Vibrating toys will drive you wild. 


Arousal and lubrication is vital keys to sexual enjoyment whether with a partner, a toy or masterbation.  Natural lubricant from your own body or lubricant in a bottle, either way, it's what makes it pleasurable.  Another reason to use lubricants is to avoid irritation.  Lack of lubricant or not enough lubricant will cause much discomfort therefore use a suitable amount of lubricant and don't be afraid to add more if needed. 

Concerned about lubricants and the spread of yeast infection?  Check out Maximum Lubricant

Lubricants for men ->  Here is one that you might want to try.  Climax Burst Tingling Lubricant has  tingling vitamin beads that soothes and cools sensitive skin.

Lubricant for woman ->  Here is a special lubricant for woman that enhances clitoral stimulation. 

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